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What are the costs of transporting a vehicle?

The costs of transporting a vehicle by road and sea to anyplace in the world can easily be calculated with our transport calculator. Go to  »transport my wheels » to start a quotation of your vehicle transport. All our prices for destinations in Europe are all-in prices for door-to-door delivery. For outside Europe the prices are from door- to the port you have selected

What forms of payment are accepted by

MasterCard, Visa, eMAESTRO, American Express, PayPal, iDEAL, Giropay, Mr Cash and Electronic bank transfer.

Who is Transportingwheels? is owned by Transporting Wheels B.V. located in the Netherlands and founded in 2014. The team behind Transporting Wheels has many years of experience in the trading and transportation of used vehicles worldwide. After several years of trading and supplying different automotive services, we have initiated the service proposed by operates an online platform where worldwide Clients order an  »one stop shopping » solution for the transportation of Car, Trucks and Trailers. In this way the customer can manage all their vehicle transport by road or sea with 1 partner and find all his transport related documents like CMR/BOL/EX-A etc. on 1 place.
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How long does it take to deliver my vehicle?

Under normal circumstances your vehicle will be picked up within 10 working days after a successful transport order. The 10 working days start counting form the date your vehicle is ready for pick up. If the delivery of your vehicle includes also shipment to a port destination outside Europe than we are dependent on shipping routes and schedules from the shipping companies. In your account you can follow exactly which shipping schedule and time will be used.

How much fuel should I leave in the vehicle?

There should be enough fuel present in the vehicle to drive at least 1 KM.

Are my vehicles insured during transport?

Vehicles are insured according CMR conditions, max value per vehicle is € 150.000-/

What kind of vehicles do you transport?

At transportingwheels we can provide the transport and shipment for all Cars and Trucks.

How do I order a transport for my vehicle?

If your vehicle is ready for pick up, than go to and click on  »transport my wheels » to start the transport order. Follow the steps to get the transport quote, and order it directly if it fits your needs.

How do I know if my vehicle has been picked up?

Through your account you can follow the complete line of transport. The transport partner will keep you updated through your account when a vehicle has been picked up/delivered to port/will be shipped and when it arrives to the final destination.

Who can order a vehicle transportation?

At this moment the service is only available for business and not yet for individuals.

Where do I find the documents related to my transport?

After a transport of your vehicle a copy of all transport related documents can be found in your account like CMR/BOL/EX-a etc. After shipment also the original BOL document will be send to you by DHL/TNT where you can also find the tracking code in your account.

How do I get my invoice(s)?

When a successful transport order has been made on you will find the invoice in your account.
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How do I contact Transportingwheels?

Please go to the page  »how to contact us » at the bottom of the website, and see how to get in touch with Transportingwheels.