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Our mission

Our mission

Your shipment, our commitment!

At Transporting Wheels, we believe that transporting cars can be faster, more efficient and more sustainable.

We help car companies transport cars quickly and easily. We do this with a large European network of certified car transporters, an easily accessible and expert back office and a simple online booking system that allows you to enter orders quickly, get a price in advance and receive up-to-date status information.


Our brand values

Transporting Wheels is:

1. Quick

We work at high speed. Our quick turnaround and delivery times, direct price for auto transport and quick responses to inquiries: everything we do is designed to speed up the process of auto transport.

always up to date

2. Reliable

We are a reliable partner for our customers and carriers. We only work with certified transportation partners, are transparent about our prices and constantly keep our customers and partners informed.

Damage up to 70000 euros covered

3. Efficient

We do not like unnecessarily complicated procedures. Our entire car transport process is focused on the most efficient way to get things done.

4. Simple

We like simple. We offer an accessible and always available online transportation platform, and our processes are simple and clear.

always up to date

5. Personal

We cannot exist without our partners and customers. We know who they are, and we are interested in their experience. We offer them easy and accessible ways to contact us.