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Frequently Asked Questions (Partners)

How and where can I send my invoice?

After the car(s) are delivered and the CMR is uploaded in the portal, you can send your invoice to
To ensure fast payment, please mention the TW- number(s) on the invoice. Billing details can be found here. Payment is made within 14 days.

How do I change the status of an order?

The order status can be changed in the portal by clicking on details and pushing the blue button that either has one of the following statuses: plan, picked up, delivered, picture CMR. You can also change here the loading/delivery dates if needed, but please note that we would like to avoid excessive amounts of plan changes, as it also interferes with customer plans.

How can I add driver details to an order?

After planning an order, you can click on “Details” and then it will show “Add driver”. Only When this is done, the email with confirmation will be sent to the loading address and the client. Driver can be changed later but might result in fault of pick-up documents.

When can I charge a fault freight?

Under several circumstances, you are allowed to charge us fault freight (75% of the order value). Examples are when the car is not present at the location, when opening hours are incorrect or when you have to wait for a longer period of time. Make sure you contact TW to discuss if you want to charge a fault freight successfully.

When can I charge waiting hours?

When you or your driver arrive at a loading location and see that you will have to wait to receive the car, please contact logistics to make them aware of the situation, they will try to find a solution to make the loading faster. We start counting waiting time after the first 30 minutes and compensate with 25€ every 30 minutes. 

What should I do when the car is not at pick up location?

If the car is not available at the pick-up location, you should first contact TW to discuss the next step. If the car is not far away, and you can still load it, you could go ahead with the order for an additional amount discussed with TW. If the car is too far off route, you can charge a fault freight (75%) for the missed collection.

What should I do when there is no one at pick up or delivery location?

Always contact the logistics team to find the best alternative solution.

What should I do when the pickup or delivery location is closed?

Always contact the logistics team. They will check for alternative solutions in fixing the problem asap. They will check for alternative solutions in fixing the problem asap.

When can I cancel an order?

Whenever you are not able to transport the order, you can contact us, and we will discuss what the other possibilities are.

Is it allowed to change the planning of an order?

It is allowed whenever you are not able to get to the location in time, you can change the pickup/delivery date in the portal. If the delay is more than one day, contact the logistics team to sort it out!

What should I do in case I made damage during transport operations?

Contact TW to inform about damage, always take pictures and note the damage on the CMR! If this is not done correctly, it might result in the transporter paying for the damages.

I can’t see the address details in the order that I took

When taking an order, you will need to enter the planned loading and delivery dates as well as the driver’s name and plates in the system for it to show the address details of the different locations as well as car details.

My truck broke down or I encountered some issues that are delaying the plans

Please immediately contact our logistics team to inform them and find some solutions about the orders that can be impacted: +31 88 369 0700 or

I can’t find orders in the country where I would like to drive

When a country is not visible in the scroll-down menu of the search engine, it means that we either have momentarily no orders going to/from there, or that we have not opened the routes to be ordered yet.

I placed a bid on an order in “Auction” but I don’t see it on my account

The auctions last for 24H in total. When placing a bid, it can be that some other partner placed other bids after you before the time ended, and therefore won the order on their side. You also have the option to click on “buy now” with a difference price tag, but it ensures that you will have it on your account.

Why do I need a transport license or insurance to drive for you?

We want to make transport through our portal as safe as possible for our partners and customers. Therefore, we ensure that all our partners (with a payload of 3500 kg) are officially registered and insured against damage to third-party goods. > The same goes for insurance, which ensures that you and your means of transport are covered, as well as the cars you transport, in case of an unfortunate event. The transport license and insurance douments are then mandatory for us to work together.

I encounter some issues with the loading/delivery place of an order, or can't get in contact with them.

Inform our logistics team, they will contact the necessary contacts to ensure you are not held up: +31 88 369 0700.

Can I deliver a car outside opening hours?

Always contact the logistics team if you want to deliver outside opening hours. Our colleagues will check if this is possible and inform you about the full procedure. Failure to notify us may result in account suspension.

Are prices negotiable?

Prices are only negotiable if the order is on status ‘’open’’. Contact the logistics team to discuss the price and make an agreement. +31 88 369 0700

What does the aviso mean?

For some orders, an aviso time of 24, 48 or 72 hours is requested and mentionned in the order. This means that the order has to be planned, at least, 24, 48 or 72 hours before pick up. Some loading locations (like auctions and logistics centres) need the aviso to prepare a vehicle for transport. Please take this into account when planning orders. Loading vehicles outside of the aviso time, is at your own risk

How long do orders stay in each tab ?

When an order enters our portal, it stays for 24 hours in auctions. If it does not get taken, it moves to Speed deals for 48 hours. Finally, if order is still not booked, it goes to Open orders until a partner takes it.