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Frequently Asked Questions

  • General

Who is Transporting Wheels?

Transporting Wheels is part of Transporting Wheels B.V., based in the Netherlands and founded in 2014. The team behind Transporting Wheels has many years of experience in the trade and transportation of used vehicles worldwide. After years of being active in the trade and transportation of used vehicles and additional automotive services, we started the online service Transporting Wheels.

Transporting Wheels is een online platform waar klanten door heel Europa een ”one stop shopping” oplossing kunnen bestellen voor het transport van personenauto’s en bestelbussen. We are the point of contact for the transportation of vehicles by road. In your account you will find all the necessary transport documentation, such as information about the CMR, conveniently together.

What is the cost of transporting a vehicle?

You can easily calculate the cost of transporting your vehicles across Europe with our transport calculator. Go through the steps in the calculator and get an instant price for transporting your order. All our prices are all-in prices for ”door-to-door” delivery of the vehicle.

Who can order a transportation with Transporting Wheels?

At the moment, our service is only available for car dealers, not for consumers

May I have a copy of the transporter's passport?

Due to privacy laws, we are not allowed to give you a copy of the ID card or passport.

May I have a copy of the CMR file?

After a few days, the CMR file will be available in your order on the Transporting Wheels portal.
  • Booking process

How do I order transportation for my vehicle?

Is your vehicle ready for transport? Go to the calculator and follow the steps to place your order. On this page you will find a detailed explanation of how this works.

What types of vehicles does Transporting Wheels transport?

At Transporting Wheels, we provide all transportation of passenger cars and vans up to a maximum size of L3/H3.

How long will it take for my booking to be scheduled?

The average load time is displayed when calculating your transport. Transporting Wheels does its best to perform the transportation as quickly as possible.

How long will it take for my vehicle to be delivered?

The average lead time depends on each route and is visible when the order is placed. Lead time starts from the moment the car is ready for transport and the order is complete.

Can I add an additional car to my order after my booking?

Contact Transporting Wheels and we’ll explore the possibilities together.

I want to transport my car on a specific day, is that possible?

Transporting Wheels unfortunately cannot guarantee loading or unloading on that particular day.

Do transportation partners need additional documentation for booking transportation?

In most cases, transportation partners do not require additional documentation before starting the transportation order. Any pickup documents, codes, etc. should be added in the corresponding order.

  • Transport status

Is my transportation already scheduled?

When a scheduled date is known, you will be notified by email. You can also see the current status of your order in your portal account.

How do I know if my vehicle has been picked up?

You can follow the entire shipping process in your account. Through notifications in your account and by email, we will keep you informed of the shipping status. This way you know exactly when the vehicle was picked up or delivered.

What does the status to be planned, preplanned and scheduled mean?

To be planned: your order is still being processed and no date is yet known for shipment. We will inform you as soon as possible.

Preplanned: your order is linked to a carrier but no date is known yet. We will inform you as soon as possible.

Planned: Your transportation is planned. You have been notified via email. Order is scheduled but have not been notified? Contact us.

My vehicle was supposed to be picked up/delivered yesterday but it did not happen, now what?

Please contact Transporting Wheels and we will inquire with our partner.

My order is on delivered, but I have no vehicle. What to do.

Please contact Transporting Wheels so we can check with our partner.

Can you see what time the transporter is coming?

Contact Transporting Wheels and we will consult with the driver for any time information.

Where can I find the necessary documentation for my transport?

Has the transportation been completed? Then you will find a copy of all transport-related documentation, such as the CMR document, in your account.

How much fuel should be present in the vehicle?

There must be enough fuel in the vehicle to drive at least 1 km.

  • Payment and billing

What online modes of payment does Transporting Wheels accept?

At Transporting Wheels, it is only possible to pay by bank transfer!

Is it possible to pay for the transport order after the transport of my vehicle?

After your car is delivered, you will be sent the invoice. You must pay the invoice within 7 days. In some cases, we send a pro forma invoice (to new customers only) and transportation must be paid in advance.

How do I receive my invoice?

If you have placed a successful transport order with Transporting Wheels, you will find the invoice in your account.

  • CarSecure

Are damages covered during car transport?

Transporting Wheels offers car transport including damage coverage up to seventy thousand euros. Read more about our unique coverage with CarSecure

  • Customer Service

How do I contact Transporting Wheels?

Go to the contact page. Here you will find our phone number and email address. You can also fill out the contact form here.

How do I get in touch with one of the transportation partners?

Transporting Wheels handles all communication between the customer and transportation partner. That way our carriers can focus on transporting the order, and you can focus on your work. Do you have questions about your order? Contact us. We would love to help you!

  • Otherwise

My question is not in the FAQ. What to do.

We are happy to help you. Contact our Support Team at +31 88 369 07 00, or fill out the contact form on our website.