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National and international transports in the past month

5.7 days

Average loading time for transports within Europe in the past month


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Car transport, fast and efficient

Organizing a car transport can be very time-consuming and complex. In addition, prices cannot be requested directly, delivery times are often long and communication leaves much to be desired.

Book a complete transport within 30 seconds

Transporting Wheels makes transporting cars extremely easy. Our simple online tool allows you to book a car transport within 30 seconds. After that, you have nothing to worry about. We arrange everything. You’ll even receive frequent status updates on transportation.

1,000+ transportation partners across Europe

Transporting Wheels uses a large proprietary network of our well-known, reliable and certified transport partners. With this network of 1000+ carriers, we can fully focus on fast loading time, competitive price, great convenience, personal service and good communication.


Hassle-free car transport

With our unique transport calculator, you can calculate the best price for your transport in just a few clicks. Book your transport and we take care of the rest. You have nothing to worry about: we will keep you informed step by step. Your permanent contact is always available in case of questions.

We work with over 1000+ transportation partners on some 3500 international routes. This allows us to guarantee speed, reliability and quality, and we proudly transport hundreds of cars a day throughout Europe.

Your shipment, our commitment

Very fast delivery

Average loading time for shipments within Europe in the past month is 5.5 days.

Book within 30 seconds

Book your car transport within 30 seconds and we will take care of the rest.

Instant online your price

Use our unique transportation calculator to instantly calculate the most competitive price.
always up to date

Outstanding communication

Always well informed about your transportation thanks to our committed inside service.

Damage up to 70000 euros covered

Damage covered up to €70,000

Unique in the market! In case of damage, you are always well covered with us. This is in contrast to standard coverage.

Over 1,000 transportation partners

Due to our large European network, there is always a certified carrier nearby.

Customer score 8.8

Your permanent contact is always available in case of questions.
API connection to Transporting Wheels

Integration with API

An API is available for interfacing with proprietary systems. Automatically enter transport orders.

Care for the environment

By combining transports, there are almost no empty trucks going up and down.

Online auto transport

Welcome to Transporting Wheels, the car transport platform where you can arrange car transport quickly and easily online. Thanks to our wide network of transport partners, we can deliver and pick up cars all over Europe. From your personal “My Wheels” account, you can easily calculate the cost of car transportation. Having a car transported to or from, for example Germany, Poland, Belgium, Austria, Spain, France or Sweden? There is always room on a ride at Transporting Wheels. Whether you are a car dealer, leasing company or car manufacturer, Transporting Wheels is the right place to transport your car. Profit right away? Book a car transport today!


Transporting cars: what’s involved?

Are you familiar with car transport organizing or have you dealt with it? We’ll be happy to tell you what’s involved. When your car transport is international, you have to deal with customs and paperwork for importing and exporting cars. You also need to find the right carrier. Finally found a good carrier? Then you make arrangements with them for transportation planning. Depending on the destination, multiple carriers may also be involved in the car transport. Rides must be coordinated with both parties. For example, where the car will be transshipped and when. How do you arrange all this? How long will it take for the car to reach its destination? Transporting Wheels takes all this hassle and uncertainty out of your hands. On our online platform, you can book a complete car transport in just a few minutes. You don’t have to worry about it anymore.


For whom do we transport cars?

We provide national and international transportation of cars for the European business market. We transport cars for car companies, dealers and traders, for example, as well as for importers, exporters and leasing companies. Exclusive, new and used cars we transport with equal care. With the experience we have in this, we can safely call ourselves the specialist in car transport.


Cooperation with car transport companies throughout Europe

We cooperate with more than 1000 different transport partners known and certified to us throughout Europe. With them, we have real-time insight into availability, so when we receive a request for car transport, we can determine the most economical and fastest option at lightning speed. We are in daily contact with our partners, so we are well aware of what the possibilities are. With this huge network, we can achieve an average load time of 5.5 days.


Arrange your car transport now with Transporting Wheels

Transporting Wheels is the “one stop solution” for transporting cars. We live and work by our slogan “Your shipment, our commitment.” Once your transportation order is made, we see it as our responsibility to make sure your cars arrive at their destination in a timely and safe manner. We guarantee well-trained drivers, sound equipment and proper insurance. Do you have questions about (the cost of) your car transport or can’t quite figure it out with the online transport calculator and planner? Then you can always ask these questions to us via this
contact details
. Our specialists can tell you everything you need to know about transporting cars in Europe. We hope to transport many cars for you in the near future.


Engage our car transport company immediately!

Inside or outside Europe. Urgent or “just” quick. At Transporting Wheels, almost anything is possible. Therefore, engage us today. Start a calculation directly on our website or contact us. This can be done by calling 0031 88 369 07 00. You can also fill out our contact form. Of course, you can also visit our car transport company on Hanzelaan 351 in IJsselmuiden, Netherlands. Whatever your transportation question, we are happy to provide the solution.

Calculate directly the most competitive price for fast car transport

Only the services of reliable and certified partners are used for your car transport. Transporting Wheels’ database is constantly updated to provide you with the fastest routes and the most competitive prices for transporting your vehicles.
Such a professional and punctual way of working is hard to find these days. We now work only with Transporting Wheels!

Faster than expected, good communication and affordable. Just old-fashioned doing what you promised!

The best option for several reasons: price, punctuality, professionalism, customer service. Even if this is your first order, rest assured. This is top service!
Fantastic service at a good price.

Calculate directly the best price for your car transport